Since its inception in Carlow in 2003, Netwatch has prevented over 40,000 crimes worldwide. The Netwatch Managed Service option provides customers with a cost effective, accountable, visual monitoring solution for any premises. This utilises the latest technologies, proven across thousands of Netwatch customer sites, including Arboretum Home & Garden, Doyle Hardware Group and Centenary Co-operative Ltd.



– the next generation of Netwatch Technology

Customer needs have evolved over the years, and our in-house R&D department, Netwatch Visual Labs, have ensured our own evolution to service these needs. We are constantly innovating to improve and extend our services; we have expanded our offerings far beyond CCTV. Niall Kelly, Co-founder & CTO of Netwatch commented “It’s not just about video surveillance anymore. Our core service of remote visual monitoring is always a necessity, but retail operations are demanding more internal monitoring resources, Netwatch can now provide these technologies. From people counting to POS CCTV integration, we can support all your monitoring requirements.”



CSO crime statistics indicate that many forms of crime and antisocial behaviour are decreasing. We like to believe that technological advances in remote monitoring are assisting the decline. Unfortunately, there was a 20% increase in kidnapping and related offence. This is a worrying statistic for business owners, especially those who are key holders to premises. Thefts from retail outlets are at their highest level for the past ten years.

Netwatch offers many solutions to assist in counteracting the threats.

  • Our licence plate recognition technology means you can keep track of all vehicles that enter and exit your premises. We can give you access to reports on number of times a certain vehicle has been at your premises. This data can be used for both positive responses e.g. reward best customers as you know they are entering your premises; or negative responses e.g. be made aware of a suspicious vehicle that has been flagged by authorities, or has been loitering in your premises
  • Access Control monitoring takes you out of harm’s way. The Netwatch Communications Hub can remotely manage access in and out of your premises. There is no chance for intimidation or injury, as this is all done from the safety of our Communications Hub. For out of hour’s deliveries or late finishers, Netwatch can liaise with these people and ensure the area is safe.
  • Fire is a very real fear for business owners. The damage can be irreversible. Using our Veritas detection technology, our Fire & Smoke monitoring covers huge areas and will ensure the threat is identified before any damage can be done. This allows for greater information for first responders and can keep you at a safe distance from the threat.
  • Our video data analytics will help you to make informed decisions about your business. Our people counting, visitor mapping and queue control add ons allow you to analyse staff levels, response to marketing initiatives, busiest doors in store or busiest times of day and week.
  • Netwatch provide IT infrastructure monitoring. This is real time monitoring to ensure physical aspects of your IT operation are not compromised. We will be alerted to any unauthorised or unwelcome activity, and detect environmental threats such as moisture or dust.
  • POS CCTV integration allows the business owner to observe and analyse activity at the till location with transaction stamped HD video.


The Netwatch Managed Service

The Netwatch Managed Service is our unique offering. We will eliminate all security worries from your mind, taking care of everything from start to finish. We design, install, monitor, maintain and guarantee your security and monitoring needs, creating a fearless environment for you and your staff.

With the Netwatch Managed Service you get:

  • A clear, fixed daily fee; no capital cost
  • A service proven to be more effective than manned security and passive CCTV combined
  • Complete service delivery including site design, state of the art equipment, installation, monitoring and any on-going servicing
  • Software updates are provided as they become available keeping your security current
  • Peace of mind that your site and equipment are always safe
  • People who have great experience in your industry, we know the risks and combat these


The Netwatch team would be delighted to discuss a bespoke package to suit your business. Contact us now and we will arrange a no obligation site risk assessment.

Contact us on 1890 457 025 or

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