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15th July 2019 - 18th September 2012 12:25 pm

Congratulations on your store achieving Top100 Status!

You have now entered phase 2 of the AIBMS Retail Excellence Awards. This phase involves you making a submission to leading retail trends company Echochamber.

Retail Excellence has worked with Echochamber for many years. They have great insight into global retail trends.
Your submission will contain words and images pertaining to the 10 Pillars of Retail Excellence.

Echochamber will then review your submission and revert to you with feedback and lots of ideas for your store. It is the best retail consultancy you will ever receive.

You have until Wednesday 11th September to forward your submission and we will be back to you with the results and confirmation of the Top30 stores on Wednesday 2nd October.

Good luck with your submission!


Registration Entry Fee Number of Entries
Phase 2: Top100 Stores Retail Excellence Submission Document €265.00+VAT
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