Empowering Irish Retailers For 25 Years!

8th January 2020 11:46 am - 20th May 2020 8:30 am


Date: 19th May | 20th May 2020

Location: Citywest Conference Centre, Saggart, Co. Dublin


This year’s key Retail event is well under way in the planning and preparation stages, and the focus for the event will be around the exciting, and at times challenging journey all Retailers are now engaged on, that of the Digital journey and how this becomes part of traditional physical retail.

We have put together a range of topics which are designed to provide you with hands on, practical and effective strategies, tools and real life examples from Irish retailers on how this journey starts, the mistakes and ultimately the positive profitability.

You will hear from real case studies on how, despite all of the challenges that retail face, from Brexit, the inexorable rise of Amazon and eCommerce and the rapidly changing habits of our customers in the face of the technical and digital revolution of Smart Phones and Google. How small, medium and large organisations deal with these challenges successfully.

There will be the opportunity to meet and engage with those supply partners who have and can help you manage these challenges and turn them into real opportunities. There will be an effective range of digital and traditional retail specialists who will be here to help.

While the main focus will be on the Digital Journey, the core of retail remains just as vital and we will have dedicated briefings, panel discussions and presentations on the fundamentals of retail, including:

  1. Retail basics – the 10 Pillars
  2. Finance and KPI’s
  3. Team – Getting the best from your ever changing people
  4. Loss prevention, both physical and digital

We will also be hosting a number of sector specific topics which will cover:

  1. Pharmacy
  2. Garden Centre
  3. Furniture & Flooring
  4. HR
  5. eCommerce
  6. Jewellery

You will also hear from acknowledged global experts on what the trends are for Retail, now and into the future. And of course Brexit and its implications will be well discussed!

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