Advanced Retail Management Programme

19th June 2017 2:48 pm

This advanced, intensive two day programme has been specifically designed for any manager, supervisor or team leader who has had no formal training or who wants to refresh their people management and development skills.

The programme will give delegates an in-depth understanding of people behaviour (including their own), managing work place relationships, time management and explore how to better recruit, manage and lead their teams. It will also cover areas such as goal setting, constructive communication, handling conflict and having difficult conversations resulting in a positive outcome. It will grow the confidence of each delegate and empower them to lead a high performance team.

The programme is suited to all managers, even where there is a HR department in place, as it will cover the day to day HR issues faced by the store manager, regardless of the sector or the size of the business while showing them how to perform under pressure.

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Dates: Monday 25th September and Tuesday 26th September 2017

Registration Type Price Number of Delegates
Advanced Retail Management Programme €975.00+VAT
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