Retailer Network Groups

We host network and group meetings which allows our members meet and discuss issues with others from the same sector, organisational role or location, benefiting all involved.

Retail Excellence operates a number of sectoral and other membership groups including;

Retail Excellence eCommerce Group
This group involves members who are serious about the eCommerce opportunity. The group functions to bring retailers together, to share experience, access on-line expertise and represent the needs of on-line operators. The eCommerce Group develops skills and standards to ensure retailers, multichannel and pure-play operators make best advantage of the domestic and international opportunity online. The group is chaired by Róisín Woods from McElhinneys.

Retail Excellence Loss Prevention Group
The Loss Prevention Group is a Forum where Loss Prevention Experts share best practice ad knowledge in dealing with this very challenging issue. Retail Excellence passes on these insights to the wider membership to aid in reducing theft from their businesses.

Retail Excellence Garden Group
The Garden Group is taking a fresh approach to support the garden centre sector by raising the profile of the gardening in Ireland and encouraging best practice within all areas of the sector. This group is chaired by Fergal Doyle, Director of Arboretum.

Retail Excellence HR Network
The HR Network brings HR directors and managers together to share knowledge and benefit from specialist learning interventions.

Retail Excellence Pharmacy
This group involves most pharmacy groups and independents which operate in Ireland. The group works to share best practice, improve retailing techniques and understand trends and category performance data.

Retail Excellence Jewellery Group
This group involves over 120 jewellery stores around Ireland. The group works to share best practice, collate data and promote the jewellery sector.

Retail Excellence Tourism Group
Ireland falls short when compared to other countries in our ability to entice visitors to our shores. Access and visa regulations act as barriers to potential visitors. This group is currently developing a plan to take full advantage of a significant opportunity.

Retail Excellence Town & City Revival
Retail Excellence work with a number of important stakeholders to advise towns and cities nationwide on town centre revival strategies. We run sessions to bring town stakeholders together and assist with town plans and town team development.

Retail Excellence Women in Retail
WIR involves women working in senior positions in retail companies. Aside from operating as a support network, the group meets regularly and benefits from specialist learning interventions.


If you’re a Retail Excellence member and you would like to join one of the above groups, please email or call 065 6846927 with your name, contact details, company information and the title of the group you wish to join.